How To Get Help

Having problems? Try asking for help on the tcpreplay-users tcpreplay-users mail list. But first, you are strongly encouraged to read the extensive documentation (man pages, FAQ, documents in /docs and email list archives) BEFORE posting.

If you think you are experiencing a bug, you may consider submitting a bug report here. It is important that you provide enough information for us to help you.

If your problem has to do with COMPILING tcpreplay, include the following:

If your problem has to do with RUNNING tcpreplay or one of the sub-tools include the following:

Note: The maintainers of tcpreplay primarily use OS X and Linux; hence, if you’re reporting an issue on another platform, it is important that you give very detailed information as we may not be able to reproduce your issue.

Lastly, please don’t email the maintainers directly with your questions. Doing so prevents others from potentially helping you and your question/answer from showing up in the list archives.