Authors and Contributors

Tcpreplay is authored by Aaron Turner(@synfinatic). In 2013 Fred Klassen (@fklassen), Co-founder and VP Advanced Technology, AppNeta Inc. added performance features and enhancements, and ultimately took over the maintenance of Tcpreplay. For more information see the history of Tcpreplay.

The source code repository has moved to GitHub. You can get a working copy of the repository by installing git and executing:

git clone

How To Contribute

It’s easy. Basically you…


You will find that you will not be able to contribute to the Tcpreplay project directly if you use clone the appneta/tcpreplay repo. If you believe that you may someday contribute to the repository, GitHub provides an innovative approach. Forking the @appneta/tcpreplay repository allows you to work on your own copy of the repository and submit code changes without first asking permission from the authors. Forking is also considered to be a compliment so fork away:

git clone<your ID>/tcpreplay.git

We will review and possibly discuss the changes with you through GitHub services. If we accept the submission, it will instantly be applied to the production master branch.

Additional Information

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